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Liquid Level Systems

...specialists in liquid level measurements and control

About Us

Liquid Level Systems Limited, established in 1984 as GWK Electronics Limited, is a British privately owned and expanding instrumentation company situated on the south coast of England.

The business specialises in providing instrumentation for continuous liquid level measurement and control for shipyards and land based industries world-wide.

Our reputation is built on high standards of dependability and product quality backed by responsive customer service and competent technical support.


The Company continues to design products that meet the high standards of performance and reliability demanded by the marine industry in the hostile environments experienced at sea.

Liquid Level Systems has specialised for many years in the development of liquid level measurement technology employing pressure sensing techniques.

To satisfy the increasing demands of automation this concept has been expanded to interface directly with tank gauging computer control systems.


All materials, production processes, calibration and test procedures are subject to stringent quality assurance and control.

Our products are certified by the principal marine approval societies and our facilities are under their continual surveillance.


The Company's product range now embraces tank gauging systems and float level switches in addition to the traditional liquid level transmitters and tank contents gauges.

The family of liquid level transmitters has evolved from the original Series 200, using a pressure capsule as sensing element, to the Series 500, which is based on piezo-resistive silicon sensor technology in order to feed computer control systems.

The Series 600 range of tank contents gauges has been the faithful work horse in non-electrical applications for many years. More recently, we have developed a stainless steel diaphragm employing electron beam welding technology to ensure hermetic sealing and eliminate risk of spillage.

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