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Liquid Level Systems

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  • Q. Can the capillary be shortened?

    No, any excess capillary should be coiled to radii not less than 50mm.

  • Q. Can the Series 600 gauges be recalibrated on site?

    No, the gauges have to be returned to the factory.

  • Q. Does the mounting height of the indicator dial affect the reading of the gauge?

    No, the indicator dial can mounted anywhere.

  • Q. Can the capillary be cut and rejoined onsite (to allow being fed through a wall)?

    No, the entire instrument is a sealed system. However, the capillary can be supplied with a detachable coupling at either end.

  • Q. What is the maximum length of capillary?

    For deep tanks up to 50 metres, for shallow tanks up to 10 metres.

  • Q. Can the Series 600 be mounted on any size flange?

    Yes. Customers should use the Model 600SM for DN80 flange connections. The Model 600SM can be adapted for flange sizes larger than DN80. For flanges sizes smaller than DN80 customers are advised to use the Model 600ES with a ¾“ BSP nipple and a blind flange.