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Liquid Level Systems

...specialists in liquid level measurements and control



  • Self-powered (no external electrical or pneumatic supplies)
  • Continuous tank contents measurement
  • Completely safe in hazardous environments
  • Simple and versatile installation
  • Ideal for wide range of liquids
  • Approved by all marine societies
Tank Contents Gauges

The Series 600 self-powered tank contents gauges are suitable for hydrostatic depth measurement and have been designed specifically for marine and industrial applications. The instruments are completely automatic and provide local continuous indication of tank contents.

The tank sensors are available in two different materials; mild steel is typically used for oils and stainless steel is used for all liquids.

The versatile methods of mounting and positioning of the sensor, internally or externally, meet all installation requirements. Detachable capillary is optional for easy routing through bulkheads.

Indicators are of stainless steel construction. Calibration may be in any unit of mass, volume or depth of liquid. Each scale is individually calibrated and hand painted to ensure a high degree of accuracy. Dual scales are available as required.

The mounting adaptability of the Series 600 makes it ideally suited for use in all tanks onboard ship, and for a wide range of industrial applications from water to stringent chemical processes.

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